Adaptive Learning Shows Promise in Initial Trials at UCF

Adaptive Learning in Psychology:  Wayfinding in the Digital Age

During the fall 2014 and spring 2015 terms, Dr. Charles D. Dziuban (Director) and Dr. Patsy D. Moskal (Associate Director) of the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness (RITE), in conjunction with Prof. Jeffrey Cassisi and Alexis Fawcett, carried out a study of a General Psychology course delivered through the Realizeit adaptive learning system at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The study was designed to examine students’ affective, behavioral, and cognitive reactions to the system. Student survey results indicated that students found the system easy to use and were generally positive about their seamless transition to adaptive learning. While the majority of students were successful, learning outcome metrics utilizing Realizeit indices indicated a potential for early prediction of students’ who are likely to be at risk in this environment. The outcomes of this study are summarized in the paper.

Download "UCF Getting Results With Realizeit"