4.28.22 BHG Webinar

Realizeit Webinar

Personalized Learning for Performance: From Onboarding to Ongoing

In large enterprises, training and learning moments such as new hire training/onboarding, upskilling, reskilling, compliance, etc. are often implemented as discrete silos. It’s time we break down these silos and provide a more seamless series of productive learning experiences continuously personalized to meet the everchanging needs of the learner - be it Day 1 or Day 1000.

Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst at The Brandon Hall Group and Manoj Kulkarni, CEO of Realizeit, as they get practical - sharing examples of personalized, adaptive designs being implemented in leading, global companies for new hire training and onboarding, and how that can be easily extended to ongoing reskilling and upskilling opportunities. Draw inspiration and gather concrete ideas on how to quickly get started on your own team’s personalization initiative.


• Understand how new hire training and onboarding can be more efficient, effective, and engaging through personalization.

• Learn how large enterprises are designing seamless extensions to the new hire training experience to support ongoing learning.

• Hear examples of organizations modernizing their learning strategy to include personalization as the foundation for continuous learning.

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About Realizeit

Realizeit is on a mission to transform workforce training and drive learning innovation for large scale organizations by maximizing the value of training operations with our first-of-its-kind intelligent technology.

The Realizeit adaptive learning platform is powered by a self-learning engine fueled by machine learning. Realizeit delivers unprecedented levels of precision in corporate training and learning by leveraging the power of adaptivity and personalization at scale. This allows companies to transform from conventional one-size-fits-all, content-centric learning model to one that is personalized, knowledge-based, and performance-linked for every employee.


Why Adaptive Training and Learning?

The changing complexion of the workforce and the increasing speed of business leaves training organizations struggling to keep up with the pace and puts them under constant pressure to justify the value of their training programs and their learning system infrastructure. For many, the legacy systems and traditional ways of thinking are no longer effective. Realizeit solves all of these challenges.

With Realizeit, organizations can significantly optimize workplace training, maximize job performance for every employee and validate their return on investment (ROI) for training. Additionally, continuously measuring each individual's knowledge against their role-based competencies, Realizeit can help uncover potential risks to the operation or brand.


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Next to building the best learning platform possible, our highest focus is customer success and real-world achievement.

Our vision was to build a Training tool that a trainer wouldn't dream of training without. We've accomplished that with Realizeit.

Head of Training Strategy & Operations Training Innovation

Fortune 50 Public Company

Realizeit delivers practical next level solutions that create real value for global commercial enterprises.

Mark Smith

Vice President, HR Petroleum Geo-Services

We really needed to personalize the training experience. No more paper-heavy, process-heavy, one-size-fits-all training.

Senior Executive Training Innovation

Fortune 50 Public Company