How to Adapt Learning to the Modern Business Environment

Today’s business environment is characterized by rapid change and disruption. Your core learning methods, from eLearning to instructor-led training and on-the-job training are the learning engine to build upon, but future success will rely on the ability to personalize learning, so it is as efficient and relevant as possible. One-size-fits-all content will not meet the demands of modern learners, who are accustomed to highly personalized and efficient consumer experiences. AI-powered adaptive learning technology can provide the learning experiences that you need to turn your core learning approaches into the personalized skill-building engines you need.   

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About Realizeit

Realizeit is on a mission to transform workforce training and development through personalization made possible by its AI-powered adaptive learning technology.

The Realizeit platform is powered by an adaptive engine fueled by machine learning. The system enables a seamless, engaging and significantly more productive learning experience with less effort, using pre-built capabilities that solve today’s toughest training challenges. Learners can now engage in individualized learning journeys, have proactive guidance to navigate their skill building efforts, and feel confident that they are ready to perform and grow in their role. The end result is an efficient and effective path to greater engagement and improved performance.


Why Adaptive Training and Learning?

The changing complexion of the workforce and the increasing speed of business leaves training organizations struggling to keep up the pace. Learners are demanding a personalized experience that delivers just what they need and doesn’t waste their time. Companies struggle to personalize learning with their current systems. Adaptive learning from Realizeit solves today’s toughest learning challenges by delivering a personalized learning experience that engages learners and ensures they learn what they need with maximum efficiency.

With Realizeit, organizations can demonstrate a culture of investment in their people, engaging them as they build skills more effectively and efficiently through onboarding, growth in their current role, and upskilling into longer term career goals. All learning is connected to help each employee achieve their greatest potential while helping the organization quickly develop the skills needed to excel. The system harnesses the power of data, analytics, and adaptive intelligence to deliver personalized learning with less effort.


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