Realizeit & Fosway Webinar

Adaptive Learning Technology: Is this the solution to providing truly personalised learning?

Join us for a Realizeit & Fosway joint webinar on October 6 at 10:00-11:00am CST / 16:00-17:00 BST

Providing truly personalized learning – what a learner needs to know based on their current knowledge and skills – has eluded the learning technology industry for the past 20 years. But can Adaptive Learning technology change all that and finally provide truly personalized learning and at scale? What is the burning platform to motivate us to use it?

Join Fiona Leteney, senior analyst at Fosway Group, in conversation with Manoj Kulkarni, CEO at Realizeit, to dig deeper into Adaptive Learning and how organizations can harness it to personalize their learning experience.

This webinar will explore:

• The meaning of Adaptive Learning and if there is a range of adaptivity

• Its benefits, the effort involved, and why it is worth it

• The industries using it and some practical ways to get started

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Manoj Kulkarni
Realizeit CEO

Manoj Kulkarni leads all aspects of Realizeit’s commercial development and operations globally. He has a long tenure as a senior executive providing transformational leadership in high volume, global businesses in Education, Technology and Retail sectors. He is the former CTO for Career Education Corporation, where he pioneered the implementation of AI-based personalized learning across large-scale ground and online institutions powered by Realizeit’s technology. His work at Career Education has resulted in numerous awards and accolades for EdTech innovation from Information Week, Computerworld, and others.

Fiona Leteney

Fiona Leteney
Fosway Senior Analyst

Fiona Leteney is the Senior Analyst for Learning Systems at Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst. She has worked in the learning technology market since 2000, gaining a
wealth of experience by either selling, implementing or managing learning solutions in a corporate context.

Fiona joined Fosway Group in 2016 and is the primary lead on research in the Learning Systems market. She gathers vendor, customer and market insights, helping corporate clients accelerate their decision making across all aspects of next generation learning.


About Realizeit

Realizeit is on a mission to transform workforce training and development through personalization made possible by its AI-powered adaptive learning technology.

The Realizeit platform is powered by an adaptive engine fueled by machine learning. The system enables a seamless, engaging and significantly more productive learning experience with less effort, using pre-built capabilities that solve today’s toughest training challenges. Learners can now engage in individualized learning journeys, have proactive guidance to navigate their skill building efforts, and feel confident that they are ready to perform and grow in their role. The end result is an efficient and effective path to greater engagement and improved performance.


Why Adaptive Training and Learning?

The changing complexion of the workforce and the increasing speed of business leaves training organizations struggling to keep up the pace. Learners are demanding a personalized experience that delivers just what they need and doesn’t waste their time. Companies struggle to personalize learning with their current systems. Adaptive learning from Realizeit solves today’s toughest learning challenges by delivering a personalized learning experience that engages learners and ensures they learn what they need with maximum efficiency.

With Realizeit, organizations can demonstrate a culture of investment in their people, engaging them as they build skills more effectively and efficiently through onboarding, growth in their current role, and upskilling into longer term career goals. All learning is connected to help each employee achieve their greatest potential while helping the organization quickly develop the skills needed to excel. The system harnesses the power of data, analytics, and adaptive intelligence to deliver personalized learning with less effort.

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